Rotating electric slip ring for the transmission of analogue signal combined with the power ways.
Compact and ideal for applications where it is necessary to monitor various types of analogue signals in a precise manner.
The Reception of the wireless signal works in open areas up to 300 meters with a dedicated frequency.
It can be integrated with an electric slip ring for power management up to 40 A.

Receiver data:
• With an analogue output signal, up to 4 units can be
• With digital output signal (RS485) up to 16 units can
be connected

Technical specifications

ModelPower ways L mmAnalog waysOutput signal
Power supply
22 x 40 A (45A peak)20014 - 2024
44 x 40 A (45A peak)21614 - 2024
66 x 40 A (45A peak)23214 - 2024


• Galvanically isolated
• Max operating speed: 900 RPM
• With “dust bean” for easy mainteinace
• Compact sizes
• Standard diameter 90mm
• Customizable from 2 to 6 ways of power
• Operating temperature from 0 to 45 ° C
• Standard degree of protection: IP40

Data sheet

Download the data sheet



• Machines with temperature reading
• Packing and packaging
• In-line welding
• Hot cutting machines
• Plastic printing machinery

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